There’s a growing amount of anticipation and excitement surrounding Nashville-based rock band Sweettalker and their infectious latest single “Goodbye”, which was released March 13. The groovy new tune is the band’s first offering from their psychedelic pop EP titled “Paradise” that was recorded in 2019 with grammy nominated producer Matt Goldman (Copeland, Behold The Brave, Underoath) and local Nashville musician/producer Joel Parks (Nightingail, Behold The Brave, Flint Eastwood).

Fresh yet familiar, “Goodbye” blends the youthful energy of Arctic Monkeys with an epic bravado reminiscent of ELO. Packed with symphonic elements, the rock single charts into pop territory with it’s contagious hook about a tumultuous relationship, the lyrics lend themself to a breakup song but with an upbeat melodic twist. “Goodbye is about that feeling when you've had enough, you're ready to cut the bs, and you're excited about the future again. It's about cutting your losses and feeling the freedom of finally being unchained,” says lead vocalist of the group David Brown.

Sweettalker has spent the past several years touring all over the southeast and midwest US since debuting their first few singles. During this time, they garnered attention from multiple industry publications including Highlight Magazine and Under The Gun Review, being cited as energetic, riffy, and highly entertaining. In 2019, the group turned their attention to the studio, working with producer Matt Goldman to create an impressive and ambitious debut EP. “We took our time and we were patient with ourselves. We wanted to make something we could stand behind,” says Brown.

Sweettalker’s forthcoming EP titled “Paradise” is piled high with ear candy and irresistable melodies. Swirling harmonies, groovy riffs, horns, and string ensembles all contribute to an EP as dynamic as the genre of Rock n Roll itself. The highlight, however, is the songwriting and craftsmanship displayed on this release. Each song is delivered in a unique, clever, and thoughtful way that will surely keep the listener wanting to listen again and again.

Stay tuned for more releases in the near future.