From gospel to gritty rock n’roll to swampy Southern blues and back again, Sadie Campbell’s sound is a sweet cocktail of traditional standards spiked with a modern edge. Void of bells and whistles, Sadie makes no excuses for her adulterous, raw vocals and keeps it simple with honest lyrics and sultry rock instrumentals. 

What began in a quaint, protestant church in Pritchard, British Columbia ignited a creative obsession for making music, prompting the small-town girl to pack up her guitar, leave home and chase the muse to the big city. Over the past decade, Sadie has cemented her industrial diversity as she paves her winding musical path. Her rich vocal range has sparked the interest of musicians including Kyprios, the Chaperones and Headwater. It was during her time playing festivals like Shambalah and Live in Squamish with Kyprios that Sadie’s own passion project began to slowly take form, waking the giant.

After lending her vocal lovechild to everyone else’s progression, it was time to hit the drawing board. 
Her latest project is heavily rooted in Sadie’s own musical evolution, reflecting years of mentorship, travelling and the ever-evolving product of her internal growth. Sadie’s songs live for themselves, unpolished and individual, each one coming from a different place, expressing a different experience. It’s this fearless honesty that has been Sadie’s trademark all along, and she’s righteously blowing it into the wind on the soon to be released EP, Live Young.

Live Young is the first stone set into Sadie’s yellow-brick road, soulful and sweet- it’s the echo below the surface, that unnerving peace before the Tsunami breaks.