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Pitch Meeting is made up of professional touring and session musicians. The concept of the event is simple. They invite songwriters to sign up each evening for a chance to perform onstage backed by a six-piece band. Guests have included Nashville-based songwriters testing out new material and tourists hoping for their shot to perform their original songs in Music City while visiting.

Fortaleza serves as band leader and music director while Mike Gannon, Fortaleza’s business partner and slide guitarist in the Pitch Meeting band, accompanies him alongside keyboardist David Crutcher, drummer Jon Truman and vocalists Makena Hartlin and Tabitha Meeks. When an artist’s name is called to join the band on stage Fortaleza asks for the song chart, chords and vibe of the song as the band rehearses on the spot before performing it for the first time together. A photographer and videographer also are on hand, so the artist essentially walks away with a demo recording to take to the studio or to a producer to record. 


Fortaleza’s vision for Pitch Meeting has broadened under the umbrella of Pitch Music, which includes a nonprofit organization that aids in artist development. The nonprofit embodies the same approach and philosophy the weekly concerts have adopted in preserving artistic integrity and high quality musicianship. In January the group of creatives opened Pitch Meeting Studios, a studio space that allows Pitch Meeting performers to record as well as film video content and perform private shows. “The idea of the nonprofit organization being the structure for that is really just to stay focused on the right aspects of making music. For artists who are coming up, [we want] to give them a chance to showcase themselves the way they want to be musically and artistically rather than what the record company is telling them to do.”

Now, Pitch Music is hitting the road. Showcasing Nashville Songwriters in cities across the world! This world-class showcase is one you do not want to miss.

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