Jon is a third generation performer, with a passion for music, and a burning love for his other half. Therese played piccolo for the University of Illinois, Marching Illini. She has a knack for jumping into multiple roles in multiple projects, and for showing of her immense talent. In Jon's kitchen one evening, they were singing songs and realized that their voice paired together magically. With Jon's wide vocal range, Therese's warm spot on harmonies, and their immense versatility Mid-October is the perfect act to bring music to your venue. They will play it all, in any venue, for every event. Weddings, birthdays, retirements, receptions, or just plain ol' BBQ's. Check in and see if they can't make your event perfect.

Jon and Therese come from two very different musical backgrounds. Every show they play comes without a set list and is filled with a variety of songs that are aimed to the crowd's taste, on that particular day. One show could be mostly 90's Alternative, with a hint of Pasty Cline and Hank Williams, and the next show could have songs by Britney Spears, Blackstreet, with Jackson Brown and Tenacious D. Depending on the people, depending on the season, they will play a show that best fits the mood.   

 They met in Jon's garage. Haha. Therese was auditioning to be in Jon's Pop/Punk band "Jambana". Little did Jon know, Therese had never played a bass before, but there she was with a shiny, cherry red bass and a little tiny amp. From the moment he saw her Jon was in love, and he spent the next 6 months trying to win her over. In the middle of October, one Fall night after a show, he finallydid.