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Kasey Burton


Kasey Burton has already set her own challenges for a career in music. Playing guitar since the age of 10, she has already compiled quite a catalog of original music. Kasey has begun working with an ever-expanding network of established artists. It is this network that has come together to help her grow her love for music. In October of 2013, at age 15 she release a self-titled acoustic EP of original works. 

Kasey finds her inspiration for writing in everyone from Taylor Swift to U2; appreciating most, the talent for writing. Yet, for all of her passion, she is still, an average teenager; enjoying school, enjoying sports and excelling at both. Her view of the horizon ahead is wide and it is that vision that never lets her down when it comes to writing.

Kasey’s expression isn’t left to lyrics alone. Her vocal styling is reminiscent of seasoned artists. She owns her voice and the message it carries.

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